Data is the currency for the digital economy and our business was founded on the back of immense problems faced by Small to medium size businesses trying to manage their data and marketing in a relevant and time saving to be competitive. Businesses are struggling to maintain revenue cost effectively when using online marketing and technology platforms that advertise, collect users and data.

This way of operating is not sustainable on the business financially long term and often effects the morale of owners and staff. Everything ultimately leads to increasing cost, loss of profitability and customers for businesses and organisations. Many technology marketing platform services have limitations on adaptability with high costs. Mixed with this is the inability to provide industry expertise and the technology to connect all the dots from IT, data marketing, ecommerce, local marketing, compliance, challenging competition and much more cost effectively.

We help business and organisations to execute their growth with data collection, management and engagement at grass root levels to guarantee greater success, long term security and return on investment. Using our cutting edge one of a kind service and technology we provide the only specialised industry specific services in the market to connect all the dots to be more profitable with a integrated, multichannel, cost effective and future proof Data Driven Business Networks.

Our Mission is Very Simple

Implement data strategies to provide a valuable and cost effective way to protect businesses

Understand everything that makes our client business function now and into the future

Create intimate and personal data participation for our clients businesses

R & D, investing and innovation

We have the large R&D team, our clients, their staff, their customers, our management team and our staff. Our ability to adapt to client and industry demands, change and add new features sets us apart from the rest. We provide this with at some of the lowest cost in the market.

Power of knowledge and future proofing

We provide an expert team and cover everything needed for our clients to protect and growth their business. We actively monitor the industry trends and the future. Our clients have peace of mind as we ensure that we understand their needs and meet their requirements, saving customer time and money.

We have more in common with our clients

We innovate and develop ahead of competitors because our management team are from a broad range of Industries and have experience in running and operating businesses same as our clients.

We understand what connects with businesses with customers. We understand their customers, their needs and their issues. We are better positioned and have more in common.

We provide the missing links cost effectively

We guarantee that our products and services are communicating to our client’s customers at home, in store, online and on the move.

To do this we invest, upgrade continuously and provide software as a service, hardware and marketing material. Without this total communication the value to the end customers is not transferable, and our clients will lose out to competitors.


Helping communities with digital data inclusion and management

We help non-profit and community organisations improve local areas with our digital social programme. Our digital social programme creates vital sponsorship income for community organisations to connect digitally with their local audience and improve the wellbeing and the unity of the community.

Benefits of our Digital Social Programme

  • Free expert data driven marketing and communication manager
  • Free data driven networks products and services
  • Integration with our sponsorship partners
  • Income generating revenue for good causes
  • Digitally connect to all followers
  • Donation collecting IT systems
  • In house digital TV channel
  • Free websites / app with online gift store integration
  • Digital loyalty and membership system
  • Helping senior digital inclusion & education

If you feel you can contribute or need help we would love to hear from you