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    Pharmacy Data Driven Network
  • The only unified patient data, clinical services and retail
    marketing, we go much further to ensure our client success
  • We have some of world’s best talents building our Data Driven Healthcare™
    Represented some of the biggest healthcare brands in the world spanning over 20 years


A truly unique service that sets us part

Our healthcare team are experts in their field and provide unmatched data driven services for pharmacies and the healthcare sector. We are different from everyone; our unique approach to building a solid data driven healthcare network is executed by providing our technologies and services to our clients. Our one of a kind service provide everything needed to really make a difference for healthcare businesses profitability, staff welfare, improve the wellbeing of community and their patients.


Based on feedback from our service users


Prescription retention

Stopped customer loss


Data participation

People will give valuble data


Patient compliance

Increase in participation outcome


Chronic Care

Increase in patient enrolment


Data marketing

Increase in direct communications


Paid clinical services

Increase from clients


Lower Triglycerides

Improvement in reducing heart attack related risks


Lower Cholesterol

Reduction blood pressure, hardening of the arteries


Liver Function

Improvement essential and vital body functions


Homa Index

Avarage reduction in Insulin resistance


Prescription deliveries

Increase in delivers from new and existing customers


Offers Redemptions

Increase in redeeming offers & promotions

World's No1 service for pharmacy retailers

We provide the World No1 Pharmacy Data Driven Network Platform to manage marketing for retail pharmacies. We provide retail pharmacy owners with set of tools with an intuitive, easy to use and fully integrated into all aspects of retail pharmacy operations and services to achieve remarkable results using data.

We provide everything you need to collect data everywhere

Market leading Connected Pharmacy Driven Network provides the ability to create data engagement in limitless and creative ways.

  • Ultra-targeted ways to increase revenue instore, online or in the local community
  • No need to download software, cloud-based dashboard access all of our features and services 24/7. Evolving service and products, up to date with the latest trends
  • We make sure pharmacist are always the first in mind of their customers by covering every aspect of marketing and data engagement.
  • We understand pharmacy proactive, expert and qualified team, save time in explaining your needs and issues
  • High values based healthcare data engagement tools connected with online prescribing, compliance, consultations, health conditions, real time patient monitoring and much more. Fully integrated to our unique pharmacy data collection tools and services


The problems we solve - Meaningful data collection, management, engagement and measurable outcomes

Too much unused data

The healthcare industry is generating large amounts of data from endless medical healthcare management functions such as clinical records, health behaviours, clinical support and disease surveillance. Healthcare providers are overwhelmed and are time pressured in trying to filter and find only what is important and then find issues with the correct way to engage.

Once size does not fit all

Clinics and hospital in the same area will have different needs , services , issues and patients. The goal for the healthcare industry is ultimately to use data to reduce costs and improve healthcare. These goals are not met because healthcare organisations are implementing data strategy that fit generally rather than within their organisations to empower staff and patients.

Needs for valuable based data capture

All this potential valuable data is not being used efficiently due to the challenges of capturing, storing, searching, sharing, analyzing, and then finding insights from complex high-volume data to create meaningful change in an efficient time saving and engaging way.

The need for meaningful data relationships

Too much data and most of it does not provide legal permission for marketing and compliance engagement. Healthcare industry needs data networks with tools and services to collect permission based healthcare data to provide the right intervention to the right patient at the right time, empowering personalized care and improving components of a healthcare system.

Lack of healthcare business intelligence

Healthcare industries use many IT platforms are used where there is insufficient experience building in business intelligence programs specifically for healthcare. This increases costs and failures rates of data planning , execution and worsens patient outcomes.

Over communicated, fragmented and confusing

Patients are facing confusions from a mountain of fragmented data form over communications form carers, clinics, hospitals and payors. This ultimately leads excessive non-participation communication leads to less compliance, feedback , increasing costs and lower healthcare outcomes.

The Solutions we provide for Healthcare

Our Data Driven Healthcare Networks & Solutions

Powerful permission-based data participation

Increase digital healthcare business value by data participation incentivization services and programmes. We collect and build vital high-quality permission-based data by motivating patients to share their personal healthcare information willingly for effective care delivery, compliance, research, and feedback.

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Data Driven Patient Behaviour Interventions™

We provide a large number of data collection points built within our specialized healthcare networks ecosystem with services to predict, track, motivate and execute perfectly timed countless tiny one2one interventions to deliver better care at a lower costs with our healthcare monitoring team .

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Unified Data Driven Healthcare Network

We collect information about a care receiver from limitless data points including medical records, digital monitoring devices, claims, surveys and anymore to empower multi-channel marketing, research, and compliance communication.

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Ultra-Personalized Data Driven Communications

Create meaningful and valuable communications by using our embedded data mining and filtering into clinical treatments and prescription services. Powerful constant communication with right patient, health condition, right medication, health history, healthcare goals, needs, wants, location and endless more options.

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Data driven evidence-based actions

Ability to make informed management decisions based on constant data feedback across all our data driven healthcare networks on what is working and what is not. We help doctors make more precise diagnoses, institutions identify at-risk patients for intervention, clinicians develop more personalized treatment plans, and researchers better understand medical outcomes within complex patient populations.

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Expert healthcare data management team

experienced building in healthcare business intelligence programs and services. Our team knowhow Increases our client’s success when in implementing and adopting data management and engagement strategies.

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Data driven profits and costs management

Provide organization with key performance indicators that help manage revenue cycle management, quality and safety indicators, or outcomes associated with diabetes management, to name a few. We lower healthcare costs produce better profitability for healthcare providers, insurance companies and create healthier patients.

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Future proof with free upgrades

Constant R&D from healthcare experts across multiple sectors domains. We understand the goals, market, the trends, and the issues facing healthcare now and into the future are dynamic, so we constantly innovate free to keep our clients ahead of the curve and keep costs low as possible.

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User Friendly DATA VISUAL Dashboards

Simple, effective, and powerful visualization of data into actionable tools that improve patient care, enable more effective data population management, filtering and engagement.

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Customised data points collection

All our Data Driven Healthcare Networks provide the ability to add additional data points across all our systems to maximise flexibility for our clients providing a more cost effective approach and greater return on investment.

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Data marketing success is based on solid foundations. Without reliable and responsive customer data most marketing strategies are ineffective, costly and simply don’t work. We provide all the data collection and engagement needed for businesses in an actionable, meaningful way in real-time and in a single place.

Powerful Data Driven Networks are created 3 simple steps for businesses

Data onboarding & implementation

Data is the digital currency for the future, to achieve this successfully businesses will need meaningful permission from customers regarding using their data. The most valuable data is data where your customers have given their trust in wanting you to connect with them about their needs and provide information that is important to them. With every business we carry out a review of what makes their customers wanting to participate in data exchange and create the value for businesses to execute customer data onboarding. Our multi-channel data collection approach tailored on the business to connect in store, in the community, online, mobile, at work and at home

  • We provide a hands-on approach to data collection
  • Everything is organised in a way that works with your business and staff
  • Data collection onboarding based on new and future revenue potential
  • We provide loyalty platforms that can plug and play into business IT
  • Specialised data collection forms and tracking software
  • Sclient data participation recruitment marketing services to enrol digital customers
  • Ready made data management for your industry to make it easier for future use

Data reviewing, learning & planning

With data driven networks clients are able to see the quality of the data collected and the type of customers they are ready to engage with. Data Driven Networks provides unique filtering for businesses to engage based on highly valuable data points. All the data collection and engagement you need for tailored for your business sector in an actionable and meaningful way in real-time and in a single place.

  • Uniquely built dashboards for each client
  • Cloud based data collection and retrieval
  • No limits to data connections
  • Application programming Interface (API) to multiple services
  • Full knowledge of your customers’ needs and wants
  • Ability to add more data point and organisation layers
  • Easy to use dashboard for data management
  • See what working and not working
  • Check which customers are most valuable or lost to competitors

Healthcare data engagement, action & measurement

One the data is collected our service turns that data into clear next step recommendations, including who to target, how and when. Unique industry specialised omni-channel data communications is integrated into online sales, loyalty platform, digital marketing platforms and more. Data Driven Networks engagement is powerful, industry specific, ultra-targeted, simplified, ready to use and time saving. We help your business meet consumer expectations in regards to personalized communications and suggestions for your products and services.

  • HIPPA and GDRP compliant
  • Engagement value increase with our ultra-targeted data collection
  • Greater direct discounts, offers and loyalty to the right customer and the right time
  • Everything businesses wanted specific to them in a simple an easy way to use
  • Built to last, protect your business with data investments
  • Boosts productivity and profits with greater data participation and feedback
  • Powerfully connected with data incentivisation tools
  • Attention grabbing ways to ultra target

Constant Patient Engage and Communications

We help your healthcare business with constant high patient value engagement to Improve your bottom line, healthcare management, lower healthcare costs and improve patient well being.

Simply choose, who, why and how you want to communicate and we'll do the rest

We help you collect data everywhere by providing everything you need to connect to the right customers at the right time.

All the data collection and engagement tailored for your business sector in an actionable and meaningful way in real-time and in a single place. Every Data Driven Network is uniquely built for each industry with integrated industry specialised loyalty program, websites, mobile apps, customer marketing, CRM software and lots more with seamless communication possibilities to create a much more valuable data driven business and targeted communications.


Unique data capture platforms and integrated services

We provide readymade Data Driven Healthcare Networks with tools and services to collect healthcare data to provide the right intervention to the right patient at the right time, empowering personalized care and improving components of a healthcare system.

Point of care integration

Prescription activity

Healthcare Loyalty

Video appointments

Appoint booking

Patient education

Health monitoring devices

Shopping cart activity

Waiting room data capture

Online doctors


Medication compliance

Delivery app tracking

Digital promotions

Marketing planner

CRM management

Advanced reporting

Healthcare surveys & forms

Personal Healthcare records

Local marketing

Email segmentation

Data compliance tracking

Custom data

Community healthcare

Easy for everyone

Everything businesses wanted specific to them in a simple an easy way to use for staff and customers

One of a kind Integration

Unique industry specialised Data Driven Network omni-channel integrated into compliance , business processes , sales, loyalty platform , marketing , digital communications and more.

Higher Business Performance

Ultra specialised industry tailored Data Driven Networks improves customer experience and business performance more than regular Omni Channel platforms.

Constant free upgrades

Businesses are dynamic and so are we improve future opportunities, lead generation strategy, measure the actual level of interest and see what is working or needs fixing.

Dynamic with customer needs

Understand what your customers want and how they prefer to interact with your business and make instant changes. Improve communications , user experience and much more to better fit customer needs.

Data collection at every vital point

We help you collect data at every vital interaction point with both online and offline. If there is tailored information you need to collect we provide you with the technology and knowhow


All of our Data Driven Networks provide our clients with reassurance that they are data compliant and secure

  • Data back up of your Data Driven Network
  • You control your data 100% at all times
  • HIPAA compliant with SOC 1 & 2, SAS70 Type II and ISO-27001
  • All Data Driven Networks are fully GDPR compliant
  • Secure hosted multiple data centers globally in the U.S , Europe, and Asia
  • Highly secure data centers with 24/ 7 security and access via biometric and key card controls
  • Full back up at our data centers
  • Encrypted – end to end 256-bit AES encryption

Connect with us and see how we can help your IMPROVE YOUR HEALTHCARE BUSINESS AND PATIENT OUTCOMES healthcare business and patients