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    your profit margins and with our Data Driven Networks
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    customers by build data relationships directly
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    data driven customer engagement
  • Compete with big chains and
    of unified Data Driven Network product's and services


Data is the currency of the future

Data is the lifeblood for small business in the future and to survive whether you are a restaurant , grocery store, providing a service or retailer having a data driven business and a close customer permission based data relationship will be crucial to the survival of many businesses in the in the digital economy because digital sales will be greater than bricks and mortar sales in the future.

The Businesses that use our services

The problems in not having a data driven business has been far reaching and has affected the bottom line of restaurant and retail operators

Third party delivery and technology platforms controlling local customers

Due to a lack of technical data planning capabilities from small businesses they are left at the mercy of third party delivery and technology platforms. These third party platforms are using data mining, planning and marketing to converting long standing customers of local businesses into their own and then reselling a unfair commercial relationship based on their ability of hyper local data marketing.

Big competition from large groups

Large groups have entire marketing strategies that are based on data collection and engagement. Data collection is constantly happening thru a vast number of data collection and engagement points such as loyalty programme recruitment, special offers, surveys, competitions, newsletters, community programmes, sponsorships and lots more 24/7 ultimately keep customers keep coming back to their businesses purchasing more. Small and medium sized businesses this is costly in terms of IT knowhow and execution.

Expensive cost to set up meaningful data driven businesses

The cost of setting up meaningful data driven networks for businesses is very high. Many small businesses do not have the technical knowhow or experience to understand the complexities of the correct way to integrate a successful data driven business and ultimately end up wasting substantial amounts of time and money without any return on investment. This ultimately leads to the business falling behind with competitors, losing profit margin and customers.

No ability to convert existing businesses into data driven business networks

Many businesses are struggling I have invested in developing mobile apps, websites and CRM systems that are too complicated, not fit for purpose for their particular business, does not work with their customer base and too costly to maintain in terms of cost and time. Mixed with this is the problem is that of existing IT infrastructure not having the ability to integrate into data driven networks platform when all IT budget set aside by a small business has been invested.

Fragmented data management approach

Small independent businesses use in many cases a number of different technology suppliers who are fragmented. Where is big retailers are fully integrated across all customer communication channels. Small businesses require a fully integrated approach from bricks and mortar to online for data recruitment and engagement. Without this there will be a continuous fragmented customer data relationship which will be open for competitors to grab.

Unfair competition from large online retailers

With stronger logistics and bulk buying and a national audience, online retailers are locking in customers through various data engagement programmes which are developed to make online retail is the first choice of purchase for food and retail consumption Regardless of distance or location of the online operator.


For Restaurants, Grocery & Retail

Our data driven network solution for restaurants grocery stores and retailers provides a holistic approach converting and creating data driven networks for businesses to grow retain and engage with customers without sacrificing their profit margins.

Keeping customers

Keeping hold of your customers - secure your long-term revenue

Cost effective rollout

data driven networks without the need of a POS

Targeted data

Connecting with them in an ultra-personalised and targeted way

Linked to everything

Linking data to their purchases and preferences

Omni Channel messaging

Using data to provide efficient and effective delivery services

Meet customer needs

Data driven networks provides the ability to provide predictive last mile revenue

Integration friendly

Easy to get started cost effectivity, ability to connect the existing epos systems via API

Pease of Mind

All our data driven networks are compliant with local regulations and GDPR

Get you customer back

Using data driven networks to win back customers directly instead of set party platforms

Revenue engagement

Ability to create unique data driven subscription clubs to secure more regular revenue streams


Data marketing success is based on solid foundations. Without reliable and responsive customer data most marketing strategies are ineffective, costly and simply don’t work. We provide all the data collection and engagement needed for businesses in an actionable, meaningful way in real-time and in a single place.

Powerful Data Driven Networks are created 3 simple steps for businesses

Data building & onboarding

We first build ultra strong data relationships

Data is the digital currency for the future, to achieve this successfully businesses will need meaningful permission from customers regarding using their data. The most valuable data is data where your customers have given their trust in wanting you to connect with them about their needs and provide information that is important to them. With every business we carry out a review of what makes their customers wanting to participate in data exchange and create the value for businesses to execute customer data onboarding. Our multi-channel data collection approach tailored on the business to connect in store, in the community, online, mobile, at work and at home

  • We provide a hands-on approach to data collection
  • Everything is organised in a way that works with your business and staff
  • Data collection onboarding based on new and future revenue potential
  • We provide loyalty platforms that can plug and play into business IT
  • Specialised data collection forms and tracking software
  • Specialist data participation recruitment marketing services for enrolment
  • Ready made data management for your industry to make it easier for future use
  • Tailored and branded data integrated loyalty programes

Data reviewing, learning & planning

With data driven networks clients are able to see the quality of the data collected and the type of customers they are ready to engage with. Data Driven Networks provides unique filtering for businesses to engage based on highly valuable data points. All the data collection and engagement you need for tailored for your business sector in an actionable and meaningful way in real-time and in a single place.

  • Uniquely built dashboards for each client
  • Cloud based data collection and retrieval
  • No limits to data connections
  • Application programming Interface (API) to multiple services
  • Full knowledge of your customers’ needs and wants
  • Ability to add more data point and organisation layers
  • Easy to use dashboard for data management
  • See what working and not working
  • Check which customers are most valuable or lost to competitors
  • Connect loyalty offerings to re-orders based on intelligent data
  • Plan more data engagement in less management time
  • See where business is lost and create new and renew connections

Data engagement, action & measurement

One the data is collected our service turns that data into clear next step recommendations, including who to target, how and when. Unique industry specialised omni-channel data communications is integrated into online sales, loyalty platform, digital marketing platforms and more. Data Driven Networks engagement is powerful, industry specific, ultra-targeted, simplified, ready to use and time saving. We help your business meet consumer expectations in regards to personalized communications and suggestions for your products and services.

  • Engagement value increase with our ultra-targeted data collection
  • Greater direct discounts, offers and loyalty to the right customer and the right time
  • Everything businesses wanted specific to them in a simple an easy way to use
  • Built to last, protect your business with data investments
  • Boosts productivity and profits
  • Greater data participation and feedback
  • Powerfully connected with data incentivisation tools
  • Attention grabbing ways to ultra target

We help your restaurant, grocery & retail business with constant engagement using data

We increase customer loyalty, retention and revenue. With Data Driven Networks you never loose your customers to competitors because we keep you connected all the time with our marketing and communications where ever your new and existing customers are.


Unique data capture platforms and integrated services

We provide readymade Data Driven Healthcare Networks with tools and services to build and collect the data businesses need continuously to provide the right customer, the right offers, the right engagement at the right time

Point of sale

Data capture services

Loyalty programme activity

Video appointments

Reservations & bookings

Customer Interests

Hyper local marketing

Shopping cart activity

Location data capture

Online Orders


Home delivery orders

Delivery tracking app

Digital promotions

Marketing planner

CRM management

Advanced reporting

Feedback, surveys & forms

Personal taste and history

Local marketing

Email segmentation

Data compliance tracking

Custom data

Multi data point marketing


All of our Data Driven Networks provide our clients with reassurance that they are data compliant and secure

  • Data back up of your Data Driven Network
  • You control your data 100% at all times
  • HIPAA compliant with SOC 1 & 2, SAS70 Type II and ISO-27001
  • All Data Driven Networks are fully GDPR compliant
  • Secure hosted multiple data centers globally in the U.S , Europe, and Asia
  • Highly secure data centers with 24/ 7 security and access via biometric and key card controls
  • Full back up at our data centers
  • Encrypted – end to end 256-bit AES encryption

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