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    for religious organisations, charities, and community locations
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    the way religious organisations, charities and community locations are using data
  • We help build, engage, and increase your
    collections, donations, and members


Data is the currency for future of donations and followers

Data Driven Networks eco system enables communities and Non-Profit organisations to engage in powerful way to increase membership and donations with data collection , management, and engagement. Donations and followers are the lifeblood of community organisations such as churches, charities, local education, carers another groups. These community organisations will need more than ever and plan to create strong data driven networks to collect and manage data because their audience is communicating more and digitally. We provide the only unique solution to take care of everything now and into the future by providing the ability to help organisations to connect, grow membership, revenue and engage with the right information, to match the right members at the right time.

Community & non profit organisation that we help


No Data Engagement communication and lack of trust

Everyone at heart wants to donate into their community but however society has changed because of over communication. People are being sent information and are asked to donate into programmes they have not agreed to participate or do not understand. This randomised communication approach leads ultimately to donors ignoring requests due to a lack of trust.

Lack of identifying the needs of donors

Many community and Non profit organization such as local religious venues , community clubs and charitable organisations do not provide the ability for their followers to give information regarding their needs , goals and wants when supporting these organisations. These organisations lack the ability to create sufficient data collection an engagement which ultimately leads to a high failure rate in long term followers and donations.

Insufficient ability to promote key sponsors

Many local religious, community and charitable organisations do not provide a sufficient way to access their followers data on behalf of their sponsors in a way a manner that is permission based and data compliant. This leads to many sponsors unwilling to commit to donating into local organisations since it is harder for them to justify the expenditure with their marketing in PR strategies.

Expensive cost of reaching, recruiting and collecting donations

Due to a lack of sophisticated data collection services and marketing platforms many religious, community and charitable organisations are having to use third party marketing and technology platforms to help build their databases. This has led to higher collection and management cost and meant there is less financial contribution towards good causes. These third-party providers are also marketing the data collected to other organisations which also ultimately leads to over communication, donors ignoring request , a lack of trust a low value data exchange relationship.

Expensive cost to set up meaningful data driven way of operating

The cost of setting up a meaningful Data Driven Network for future for many churches, community and charitable organisations is extremely high and they do not have the industry specific technical knowhow or experience, this ultimately leads to lower engagement levels and the quality of data with followers. A powerful data value for the future can only be created if developers understand the needs of community, the issues, the wants, how to help, add value, explain in detail the need for collection, and show donation givers the progress to lock the trust loop.

Lack of ability to convert existing IT into a compliant data driven networks

Many community and non-profit organisations are struggling to create any form of effective data planning due to the high cost of integration and development. Their current IT structures and websites that are too complicated, not fit for purpose and too costly to maintain. Mixed with this is the problem is that of their existing IT infrastructure does not have the ability to integrate into compliant data driven platform.


For community & non-profit

Our data driven network solution for restaurants grocery stores and retailers provides a holistic approach converting and creating data driven networks for businesses to grow retain and engage with customers without sacrificing their profit margins.

Retaining followers

We keep followers connected & engaged

Targeted reach

Stay connect to the vulnerable and the needy

Increase collections

We provide donation integrations services with data

Omni Channel messaging

Our Data Driven Network provide simple to use and effective communications platform

Linked to everything

We link you data to everything - visits, events, donations, family size and more

Connect to the young

Engage with younger audience and be more accessible with our data connected digital tools and services

Data Integration friendly

Ability to convert existing websites into Data Driven Networks with speed and costly effectively

Pease of Mind

All our data driven networks are compliant with local regulations and GDPR

Create new revenue

Online store integrated with Data Driven Network platform and services . Start earning more revenue.

Data Driven Revenue

Ability to create revenue and donations based on data collection based on data targeting interests and needs of followers.

Sponsor platformm

Get income with our Data Driven Network sponsorship programme services and IT

Data Subscription engagement

Ability to create unique data driven subscription clubs to secure more regular income streams.


Data marketing success is based on solid data foundations. Without reliable and responsive customer data communication strategies are ineffective, costly and simply don’t work. We provide everything needed for community and non-profit organisations to communicate in engaging and actionable way in real-time in a single place.

Powerful Data Driven Networks are created 3 simple steps for community & non-profit organization

Data onboarding & implementation

Data is the digital currency for the future for any organisation and it will be vital to collect data with meaningful permission-based value. The most valuable data is data where people have given their trust in wanting you to connect with them about their needs and provide information that is important to them. With every non profit and community client we carry out a review of what makes their followers wanting to participate in data exchange and create the value for proposition to execute in terms of IT and data marketing onboarding. Our multi-channel data collection approach tailored on for organisations to connect at their location, in the community, online, mobile, at work and at home with their followers.

  • We provide a hands-on approach to data collection
  • Everything is organised in a way that works with your goals and staff
  • Data collection onboarding based on new and future revenue potential
  • We provide loyalty platforms that can plug and play into business IT
  • Specialised data collection forms and tracking software
  • Unique data participation recruitment marketing services to enrol digital customers
  • Cost effective and customised driven networks for organisations

Data reviewing, learning & planning

With data driven networks clients are able to see the quality of the data collected and the type of customers they are ready to engage with. Data Driven Networks provides unique filtering for engagement based on highly valuable data points. All the data collection and engagement are tailored for each organisation in an actionable and meaningful way in real-time and in a single place.

  • Uniquely built dashboards for each clients and easy to use
  • Cloud based data collection and retrieval
  • No limits to data connections
  • Application programming Interface (API) to multiple services
  • Full knowledge of your customers’ needs and wants
  • Ability to add more data point and organisation layers
  • Integrated with websites and apps
  • Detailed reporting - see what working and not working
  • Check which followers are no longer attending and where to get donations easier

Data engagement, action & measurement

Once the data is collected our service turns that data into clear next step recommendations, including who to target, how and when. Our industry specialised omni-channel data communications is integrated into online sales, loyalty platform, donation collections system, digital marketing platforms and more. Data Driven Networks engagement is powerful, industry specific, ultra-targeted, simplified, ready to use and time saving. We help organisations exceed expectations in personalized communications and using data to reach their goals.

We help non profit and community organisations with constant engagement using Data Driven Networks

  • Engagement value increase with our ultra-targeted data collection
  • Keeping the community connected with your organisations
  • Purpose built for Non profit and community organisation
  • Built to last, retain members and increase donations
  • Following and donation with valuable meaningful engagement
  • Integrated with online confessions and sermons
  • Powerfully connected with data incentivisation tools
  • Attention grabbing ways to ultra target

Simply choose, who, why and how you want to communicate and we'll do the rest

We help you collect data everywhere by providing everything you need to connect to the right customers at the right time.

All the data collection and engagement tailored for your business sector in an actionable and meaningful way in real-time and in a single place. Every Data Driven Network is uniquely built for each industry with integrated industry specialised loyalty program, websites, mobile apps, customer marketing, CRM software and lots more with seamless communication possibilities to create a much more valuable data driven business and targeted communications.


Unique data capture platforms and integrated services

We provide readymade Data Driven Healthcare Networks with tools and services to build and collect the data businesses need continuously to provide the right customer, the right offers, the right engagement at the right time

Point of sale

Data capture services

Membership programme activity

Video summons & confessions

Meetings & appointments

Followers interests

Hyper local marketing

Shopping cart activity

Location data capture

Online Orders


Sponsorship data integration

Delivery tracking app

Gift store promotions

Event marketing integrated

CRM management

Advanced reporting

Feedback, surveys & forms

Personal taste and history

Local marketing

Email segmentation

Data compliance tracking

Custom data

Ultra personalised engagement

Easy for everyone

Everything businesses wanted specific to them in a simple an easy way to use for staff and customers

One of a kind Integration

Unique industry specialised Data Driven Network omni-channel integrated into compliance , business processes , sales, loyalty platform , marketing , digital communications and more.

Higher Business Performance

Ultra specialised industry tailored Data Driven Networks improves customer experience and business performance more than regular Omni Channel platforms.

Constant free upgrades

Businesses are dynamic and so are we improve future opportunities, lead generation strategy, measure the actual level of interest and see what is working or needs fixing.

Dynamic with customer needs

Understand what your customers want and how they prefer to interact with your business and make instant changes. Improve communications , user experience and much more to better fit customer needs.

Data collection at every vital point

We help you collect data at every vital interaction point with both online and offline. If there is tailored information you need to collect we provide you with the technology and knowhow


All of our Data Driven Networks provide our clients with reassurance that they are data compliant and secure

  • Data back up of your Data Driven Network
  • You control your data 100% at all times
  • HIPAA compliant with SOC 1 & 2, SAS70 Type II and ISO-27001
  • All Data Driven Networks are fully GDPR compliant
  • Secure hosted multiple data centers globally in the U.S , Europe, and Asia
  • Highly secure data centers with 24/ 7 security and access via biometric and key card controls
  • Full back up at our data centers
  • Encrypted – end to end 256-bit AES encryption